Survival Tip #2: Shelter

Nature can be brutal. You must be ready to protect yourself from the elements, hot or cold. 

Think about what you have to work with, and build smart. 

In hot weather it is best to stay in lower areas and avoid the wind. Don't overexert yourself building the shelter cause sweating. Create a shady place with airflow, and relax. You can survive much longer without food than you can without water. Conserve what water you have, and conserve your energy.

In cold weather it is essential that you stay dry. Again beware of overexertion while building a shelter as to not cause sweating. Build a decent shelter, and then start a fire. You can easily continue to reinforce your shelter to your satisfaction. 

Wait until you have more control over your exposure to the elements to seek food/water/help. 

You can live for up to three weeks without food.

You will only live for three days without water.

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