Rare Framed Collection of 1986 DDR East German Qualification Badges (1000MOM-C)

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Rare Framed Collection of 1986 DDR East German Qualification Badges

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - Previously Owned Excellent ConditionOnce they are gone we may not get any more. Sold AS IS (NON-REFUNDABLE)

Are you interested in German History, the Cold War or Military Badges?  You will be hard pressed to find a collection like this.  It is in incredible condition and professionally framed. 

DDR East German "Classification badges" (Klassifizierungsabzeichen) 3rd Series 1986.  The badges had 3 levels (I, II, and III).  All of the levels had to take an exam and show high level of professional competence of all the elements.  East German soldiers of all ranks were encouraged to earn them and consider them with honor. The badges were an important part of DDR effort to create a more professional military by encouraging members of the armed forces to improve their technical skills.

3rd Series, From 1986 to 1990 - Gold badges with oval centers, issued in 3 levels: I, II and III plus Master levels (only for come class)

This framed set is in fantastic condition.  50 badges  in all.   Only one badge (Engineer/Chemical Service) is missing the center enamel.  All the other badges in INCREDIBLE CONDITION. 

Features of the Badges:

  • Condition: Excellent
  • Frame size Approximately 31" x 15.25"
  • Badges:
    • Panzer/Panzertechnik Classification I, II, and III
    • Mot. Schützen Mechanized Infantry  I, II, and III
    • Raketentruppen Rocket troops I,  II, and III
    • Artillerie Artillery I, II, and III
    • Nachrichten Signals Classification I, II, and III
    • Rückwärtige Dienste Rear Service I, II, and III
    • Raketen-und Waffentechnischer Dienst Rocket & Weapons Tech I, II, and III
    • Kfz-Dienst Transportation Service  I, II, and III
    • Pionierwesen/Chemische Dienste Engineer/Chemical Service I, II, and III
    • Fliegeringenieurdienst  Flight Engineer Service I, II, and III
    • Seemännisches Personal  Naval Personal I, II, and III
    • Schiffsmaschinenpersonal  Ship's Technical Personal I, II, and III
    • Allgemeine Nationale Volksarmee Army General I, II, and III
    • Allgemeine Grenztruppen der DDR General Border Guard  I, II, and III
    • Flugzeugführer Fighter, Bomber, and Attack Pilot I (1000),  III (500), - -  I (2500), II (1500), III (1000) -- M (15000), M (3500)
    • Fliegeringenieurdienst Flight Engineer Service II (1000)
  • Front Plaqe: Klassifizierungsabzeichen, Der Deutschen DemokratischenRepublik Seit 1986 -- DJF95A
  • On Back: Handwritten -- East German Qualification Badges 1986 Jim Funk, Final Badge Ordinance Placed 9/2/5/95, 1995 and a signature
  • Screw back

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