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U.S. Civilian Defense Radiological Survey Meter CD V-717 Model 1


LIMITED ITEM. NEW-OLD-STOCK - IN-BOXOnce they are gone we may not get any more.  ALL SALES FINAL AS-IS


In superb shape for a used one from a reliable contractor, you will pay upwards of $180.00.  Civil Defense Department instrument issued for civilian use during a nuclear attack or reactor meltdown. These Radiological Survey Meters come marked with the Civil Defense logo. These units are new in-box.

Features of the Meter:

  • Condition: New-Old-Stock inbox
  • Manufacturer: Victoreen Instrument Co., Cleveland, OH
  • Each unit includes Remote Access Cable allowing sensor head to be placed in a remote location and be monitored remotely from a distance of up to 25' ·
  • Detects Gamma radiation only. Zero Adjust Knob, Analog screen range 0-5 roentgens/hr. Selector Switch Settings: Circuit check, Off, Zero (calibrate), X0.1 (0-.5 r/hr, X1 (0-5 r/hr), X10 (0-50 r/hr), X100 (0-500 r/hr) · Unaffected by EMP (electro magnetic pulse), a phenomenon created by an atomic detonation which renders most electrical systems inoperative
  • Ruggedized, Sealed meter is watertight and resists shock and vibration damage. Operates on standard D-Cell battery (not included)
  • Manufactured in 1964

LIMITED ITEM: Limited Availability. ONCE THEY ARE GONE WE WILL NOT GET ANY MORE. Usually available for pickup in our store in Las Vegas.  Must be 18 or older to purchase. The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all applicable country, state and local laws.   NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE OF US.

We are a third party dealer and are not held responsible for the level of protection this unit provides. The units are sold "as is".  This item is Not Returnable or Refundable.

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