Iraqi 5, 250 & 10,000 Dinar note

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Iraqi 5, 250 & 10,000 Dinar note picturing Saddam Hussein and Hadba Minaret


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1992 Iraq’s 5-Dinar.  It is a Banknote of 5 Dinars with the dimensions of 77x160mm.  There is a watermark head of an eagle.  The note's dominant color is red.  The face has a portrait of president leader Saddam Hussein and the back has a portrait of the statue of the Unknown Soldier.

1995 Iraqi 250 Dinar note picturing Saddam Hussein was issued after Saddam's defeat in the First Gulf War.  Inflation was taking a serious toll on Iraq, so this new, higher denomination was needed.  At the time it was issued, it was the highest denomination note in circulation. It had an official exchange rate of over $750, however on the street it would buy only a few dollars worth of goods. The front of the note displays a picture of Abu Ali Hasan Ibn al-Haitham, born in Basrah in 965 CE.  The reverse of the note shows the frieze from the Liberty Monument in Baghdad. 

The 10,000 Dinar Note.  The back of the note displays the Hadba Minaret of the Great Nurid Mosque located in Mosul, built in 1172 CE by the Turkish ruler Nurridin Zangi.  The minaret is 59 meters high and leans 8 feet off the perpendicular, leading to its nickname "The Humped."

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Features of the Dinar Notes:

  • Condition: Circulated
    • 5 Dinar: Used, Very Good
    • 250 Dinar : Used, Excellent
    • 10,000 Dinar: Crisp - Excellent
  • 77x160mm

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