2Monkey .50 Calibur Bullet Paracord Necklace - Black (2M-RBPN-50)

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2Monkey .50 Calibur Bullet Paracord Necklace RBPN-50

What’s better than a necklace made from a 50 caliber BMG projectile? A necklace made from paracord and a 50 caliber BMG projectile. The Browning Machine Gun has seen action in every war from the World War II to the War in Afghanistan. With all of that history and power, history buffs and gun owners will love wearing the 50 BMG Bullet Paracord Projectile Necklace from Lucky Shot. The actual BMG Bullet is over 5 inches in length, but the projectile is the perfect length for a necklace. We put the BMG projectile on a heavy duty 550-pound paracord necklace to add to the rough and tumble look.

Features of the Paracord Necklace:

  • The paracord is fully adjustable so you can wear the projectile as a necklace at your favorite length or you can shorten the paracord down to the length of a bracelet
  • The Lucky Shot bullet necklaces have deactivated bullets that are safe to wear on a daily basis
  • The 50 BMG has been decommissioned and we reassemble it to look as good as new
  • There is no gunpowder or active prime, making the bullet unable to fire in a firearm and they will not explode

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