Mac Glasham Air Machine Gun Trainer

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Mac Glasham Air Machine Gun Trainer

(7628MOM-C)(UPS)(Boxed under Window)

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Hard to find this little known gem.  Vintage Mac Glasham Air Machine Gun Trainer: Mac Glashan Air Machine Gun Corp was formed in July 1939 and closed in November 1943. Along with the Drice slide action rifle, a .24 cal semi-auto carbine arcade gun, and an arcade 'Tommy Gun', it made this .174 cal steel BB aerial gunnery trainer. Used in WW2 to train gunners with model 2000N target carrier carrying 10in airplane models in target plane circle of 30 feet.  Fantastic for any collector, museum or other.

A customer graciously sent us a PDF that has other information on this product: Other Info on the Gun Trainer 

Features of the Trainer:

  • Condition: Fantastic but missing the connection cord
  • 15" smoothbore barrel
  • It is Fully automatic shots BBs at 500-600 fps at 300-500 rpm
  • It simulated the .30 cal Browning M1919A4 machine gun with dual wood spade grips and button trigger
  • The steel cylinder parallel to the top was a 1,100 round magazine
  • Metal plate, left side of frame: Trainer-aerial Gunnerey/ Type E-3 Serial No. 10406/ Specification No. 24,733/ Mfr's assy. Drawing No. AN//C43/ 5000/ order No. 42-19931/ Mac Glashan Air Machine Gun Corp./ Long Beach, Calif.

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