McNett Tactical Gruntline Multifunctional Elastic Cord (MT-68215)

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McNett Tactical Gruntline Multifunctional Elastic Cord 68215

Tactical gear needs to be versatile in order to earn its place in your rucksack. When you need a single piece of gear that serves hundreds of uses, turn to the Gruntline Multifunctional Elastic Cord by McNett Tactical. 

Plus, Gruntline has a wide array of medical uses including arm sling, I.V. support and tourniquet. You'll find more uses for this high-performance utility line than any other piece of gear.

So ditch the dangerous bungee cords and grab this indispensable tool. Trust us you'll be glad you grabbed a Gruntline by McNett Tactical.


Features of the Elastic Cord:

  • Gruntline is a flexible utility line that stretches up to 7 ft
  • Holds up to 20 lbs
  • Ideal for use as a lanyard, clothesline, tie-down strap, pack strap, you name it

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