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WWII USAAF Army Air Force Type F-3A Electric Flying Jacket

(17-HWS-WWIIUSAFEFJ)(UPS)(Top Shelf South Wall)

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - NEW-OLD-STOCK.  Once they are gone, we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

Very Rare - WWII Era USAAF Army Air Force Type F-3 OD Green Electric Flying Jacket in it's original sealed box.  Condition is Unissued.  The jacket is a size Medium-Regular.  See photo's of the size tags. 

These are electrically heated clothing. There are heating coils sewn into the material of the garment. There are electrical connectors on each garment. They were plugged into outlets in the various military aircraft and powered by the airplanes electrical system.

Features of the Jacket:

  • Condition: In it's original sealed box - never opened - unissued (some minor damage to corner of box as indicated in picture)
  • For type F-3A Suite
  • AAF Classification No. 13
  • Specificatoin No. 3213-B
  • AAF Stock No. 8300-470679
  • Contract No. W 33-038-AC-8453
  • Bobrich Manufacturing Corporation

*Note 1) Hahn's World of Surplus and Survival will not open the box and potentially lose value to the item, therefore, we do not guarantee the condition of the item in the box.  (We opened 4 of the boxes and they are in pritine condition)

* Note 2) The pictures of the Jacket itself, the Information Booklet and the Cord were taken from a different box that had been previously opened.  If you request that I open the box you wish to purchase and take pictures for you I will.  These Jackets are in incredible shape.

LIMITED ITEM: Limited Availability. ONCE THEY ARE GONE WE WILL NOT GET ANY MORE.  Usually available for pickup in our store in Las Vegas, or would ship ASAP. The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all applicable Country, State and Local laws.  All items with a combined total of $100.00 or any collectable items (one of a kind) will be shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED. 

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