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Vintage German Imperial 1914 Iron Cross


LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - USED Excellent ConditionOnce they are gone we may not get any more. Sold AS IS (NON-REFUNDABLE)

A lightweight silver cross pattée with a ribbed frame; the obverse with a raised central “W”, with the re-institution date “1914” in raised numbering on the lower arm, and the royal crown on the upper arm; the reverse with a central oak-leaf branch consisting of three oak leaves with the original institution date “1813” in raised number on the lower arm, a raised Prussian crown on the upper arm with “FW: in equally raised lettering directly below. 

In extremely fine condition, rare.  This cross was kept in a display cabinet for over 20 years.  There are slight condition variations (in the amount of patina) differences between the 3 of these crosses we have (please see pictures)

Features of the Iron Cross:

  • Condition: Excellent - plenty of patina
  • No Mark on Ring
  • Ribbon not included
  • Size of Cross is 1 3/4" x 1 3/4"

LIMITED ITEM: Limited Availability. ONCE THEY ARE GONE WE WILL NOT GET ANY MORE. Usually available for pickup in our store in Las Vegas, or would ship ASAP.  The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all applicable Country, State and Local laws.  All items with a combined total of $100.00 or any collectable items (one of a kind) will be shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED.  

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