Sargent & Greenleaf US Military Model 833 High Security Padlock 1991 w/Key

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Sargent & Greenleaf US Military Model 833 High Security Padlock 1991 w/1-Key


The SARGENT & GREENLEAF 951C is in perfect working order.  It is used and shows some dirt on the outside as well as being labeled at some time and a "B" painted on the back.  It is the ultimate padlock for commercial applications where security trumps everything else.  This indoor/outdoor padlock includes a Medeco biaxial key cylinder.  Locksmiths recommend the Medeco cylinders because of their ability to resist picking.  For this reason alone, the S&G 951 is the best choice for a padlock solution in locations where a forced attack could happen, but that's not all. Unlike a generic padlock where you can drop it and the shackle will crack, the 951C (p/n: 951-009) comes with a stainless steel body, dual stainless steel ball locking mechanism, and special hardened shackle.  You'll notice the clear opening which lets you operate the shackle with ease.  You can see too it is shrouded.  This increases the level of security against 'wedge' attacks.  Modeled with cutting-edge security features you would be hard pressed to find in any other padlock in the world, the SARGENT & GREENLEAF 951C uses special barrier materials inside the padlock body and shackle to assist in thwarting a cutting or sawing attack.  SARGENT 951C commercial padlocks are an upgrade to the trusted legacy SARGENT 833 padlock.  The new 951C offers an even higher level of security than its predecessor. About SARGENT & GREENLEAF Delivering advanced security solutions since 1857, SARGENT & GREENLEAF makes safe locks, padlocks, and many more security devices which serve to protect individual homeowners up to the highest levels of government, and anything in between.

Features of the Lock:

  • New they run $1,855.54
  • Meets stringent of specifications for indoor / outdoor commercial security applications
  • Ideal where high level of resistance to forced entry is required
  • Cast stainless steel
  • Shrouded, hardened steel shackle with 5/8″ opening
  • Equipped with pick resistant Medeco biaxial cylinder
  • Exotic barrier materials to resist cutting, drilling, and sawing
  • Corrosion and Weather Resistant
  • Packaged with 1 operating key
  • 10-3/4″ (27.3 cm) steel chain and fastening plate are attached
  • Dimensions: 4-11/16″ (H) x 2-3/4″ (W) x 1-13/16″ (D)

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