Tactical Tailor HIDMS-EC Kit Pack (Empty) -ACU

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Tactical Tailor Marking Kit Bag TTA KT006-4

(KT006-4) (UPST)

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNED. Once they are gone we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

The Tactical Tailor KT Bag is a unique bag made by Tactical Tailor for the US Military. These bags were originally designed to hold a hazardous materials marking set, which means they are packed with pockets and optimized for storage internally and externally. This bag is very durable and would make a great pack to be used as the basis for a special build out of your own essential grab-and-go gear.

Features of the Pack:

  • Condition: NEW
  • ACU
  • MOLLE / PALS compatible
  • Military Issue
  • Designed for Hazardous Materials Marking Kit 
  • Large Internal Zippered Compartment with Detailed Storage Pockets and Straps
  • External MOLLE Webbing for External Pouches
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap, Carry Handle, and Leg Strap for Multiple Carry Options
  • Made in the USA
  • Dimensions: 12" x 15" x 3"
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • What often goes in the pack (NOT INCLUDED)
    • 150 Pack UV Black Cable Tie ACT AL-08-40-0-C
    • (24) 4 Section Tent Stake EAT 716559
    • (6) White LED Head Light GOM TLS LB2-300-LHF
    • (4) Green LED Head Light GOM TLS LB2-302-LHF
    • (4) Red LED Head Light GOM TLS LB2-303-LHF
    • (6) Infrared LED Head Light GOM TLS LB2-304-LHF
    • Stake Emplacement Tool 8521000GRG
    • (4) Riggon Marker Flagging Orange Tape KES BFT-1440
    • (2) Solid Paint Red Marker SAK XSC-19
    • (2) Solid Perm Paint Yellow Marker SAK XSC-3
    • (2) Solid Perm Paint Orange Marker SAK XSC-305
    • (2) Solid Paint Blue Marker SAK XSC-36
    • (4) Solid Perm Paint Black Marker SAK XSC-49
    • (9) Chemiluminescent Green Light OMN 9-85990
    • (20) “Boobytrap” Marker Flag SRBOTRAP118
    • (20) “Gas Mine” Marker Flag SRGMN118
    • (32) Lane Marker Marker Flag SRHANM248
    • (3) Orange/Black Entrance Funnel Marker Flag SRMBOR24
    • Black/White Final Approach Marker Flag SRMBWH24
    • (20) “Mine” Marker Flag SRMINE118
    • Orange/White Far Recognition Marker Flag SRMWOR24
    • Protected Cultural Site Marker Flag SRPCS148
    • Tank Marker Flag SRTNK1212
    • (20) “Toxic” without Skull Marker Flag SRTOXIC118NS
    • Truck Marker Flag SRTRK1212
    • (20) “Uxo” Marker Flag SRUXO118
    • (30) Pole for Hazmat Kit Clip TLS LB2-PC1

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