US Military Ribbon Racks & Medals (Used in Displays) - Previously Owned

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US Military Ribbon Racks & Medals (Used in Displays) - Previously Owned


LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNED. Once they are gone, we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

These are PREVIOUSLY OWNED U.S. Military Ribbon Racks & Medals that have come our way from our proud military men and women.  All are in Good to Excellent condition (a couple missing a pin or two on the back).  Each one comes exactly the way the picture shows it, with the ribbons, the rack (on some but some are attached via a homemade type rack), the attachments, etc.  These are all previously owned groupings of ribbons and medals. 

Our Military men and women deserve our respect and all the thanks we can give them.  Over the years they have passed or hit hard times and they or their family have sold these cherished items to us.  Many we have put them on display for years and others we have put away in a drawer.  We sincerely, hope someone that respects history for our country will appreciate such items.  They are great in a display in a restaurant (show your country spirit) or as keepsakes.

Features of the Ribbon Racks & Medals:

  • All are put together as they were sold to us (except the tattered cardboard many were on has been replaced with simple card stock and put in plastic to protect and sell the items)
  • Condition: Good to Excellent (The older the set the more challenged the condition - see pictures)

    LIMITED ITEM: Limited Availability. ONCE THEY ARE GONE WE WILL NOT GET ANY MORE. Usually available for pickup in our store in Las Vegas, or would ship ASAP. The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all applicable Country, State and Local laws. All items with a combined total of $100.00 or any collectable items (one of a kind) will be shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED.

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