Bear Grease Finland - 3.5oz Tin

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Bear Grease Finland - 3.5oz Tin


The premium petroleum base found in Bear Grease Leather Conditioner acts as a neutral cleansing, waterproofing and restorative agent that provides a durable surface finish after each application. The Bear Grease brand* is special in it's approach to caring for a wide variety of leathers, owing to a unique blending of petroleum and natural waxes that extends the level of leather protection, as well as the amount of time between applications. Unlike many leather dressings, Bear Grease does not completely soak through leather- the leather can still breathe, while moisture can't easily penetrate the leather.

Features of the Leather Conditioner:

  • High quality leather cleaning product
  • Imported from Finland
  • Manufactured by the House of Laurila
  • How to use Bear grease:
    • Remove excess dirt with a stiff brush
    • Apply Bear with a soft cloth or your fingers
    • Put treated leather in a warm place so Bear can penetrate overnight
    • Wipe off any excess
    • Repeat the process a second time to extend the life of your waterproofing

Note: Bear Grease will darken light leathers.

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