Nacre Quietpro Tactical Headset w/Molle Claw Adapter

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Nacre Quietpro Tactical Headset w/Molle Claw Adapter

(2005HWS)(UPS)(RMI1 Basket 8)

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QUIETPRO is a digital, lightweight tactical headset with an intelligent adaptive high level of hearing protection. It is specially designed for Special Forces and law enforcement agencies in connection with the need for continuous management, control, coordination of actions, as well as a high level of hearing protection and 100% information in various noise conditions. A unique software and hardware implementation of signal processing, no parasitic, extraneous noise, backgrounds. Acoustic control of the combat situation.

>Used by US Marine Corps, some specials from the USA and Europe.It can be connected to Kenwood, Motorola and similar models.

Features of the Headset:

  • Everything in the box is shown inpicture except the quick reference guide
  • SN: 007-07102556
  • PN: 5965-25-152-2485
  • SW ID: 131.224.S0106
  • Condition: Excellent in box looks new (as far as we know because we cannot test it)
  • Digital Automatic Active Noise Reduction (ANR)
  • Strengthening ambient sounds (Bionic Ear)
  • Automatic adaptive hearing protection
  • Protection from hazardous to the hearing organs of impulse and constant noise without compromising the ability to hear and communicate
  • It is compatible with all types of helmets, gas masks, respirators, SCBA and NBC protective equipment.
  • Extremely reliable DSP processing, digital voice activated transmission (VOX).
  • Easy to use, small, light.
  • Military standards are waterproof (IP-67).
  • You can adjust the volume to reduce interfering sounds, or you can enhance the sound
  • DSP processing is based on a digital hearing protector system
  • The average attenuation is between 34 - 42 dB depending on the frequency
  • Total attenuation (passive mode)
  • NRR 29 (ANSI S12.6-1997)
  • SNR 28 (352-2)
  • Power supply: QUIETPRO can operate on two different types of batteries, a lithium-ion rechargeable (one 3.7 V) or a lithium CR123 disposable (two 2 / 3A 3.0 V). About 60 hours battery operation.

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