Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now

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Ghost Towns/Sites Then & Now


Ghost towns and ghost sites may be many things; a town, a stagecoach station, a mining camp or perhaps a military road or fort. What is a ghost town? It is best described by Norman Weis in Ghost Towns of the Northwest: “A quiet place enhanced through the process of still photography”, or by Lambert Florin in Oregon Ghost Towns: “A shadowy semblance of it’s former self.”

Ghost Towns and Ghost Sites are yours to rediscover as you peruse and study the maps in this collection. All maps included in the Ghost Town series are reproduced from authentic documents on file from various archival collections such as the National Archives. Each packet, measuring 6.5″ by 9.5″, contains maps (18″ x 24″ trimmed) which were selected for quality, age and location details. What makes these packets so unique is the inclusion of a transparent overlay printed from a modern road map. By placing the acetate overlay on top of the corresponding historical map, it quickly becomes apparent that this techniques is a valuable asset in assisting with the location of favorite places. Please be reminded that many early place names that appear may not have been an actual town site. Some early postal services may have been located in a ranch house, stage station or a mining camp. Additionally, some historians have a difference of opinion concerning names and their exact locations. Readers should be reminded of the limitations of the early surveyors who most likely used primitive equipment and limited cartographic knowledge. The compiler wishes to remind the readers of the responsibility of knowing the rules when searching on private, State and Federal lands. Violation of rules is in poor judgment. Good Hunting!

Features of the Collection:

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  • Copyright 2003
  • R.N./M.L. Preston
  • NV-ISBN 0-9720441-4-0
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