Gold & Gems Maps Then & Now

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Gold & Gems Maps Then & Now


All  the information included in the Gold and Gems map package series for the western states has been researched from numerous authentic archival sources such as the National Archives, individual state libraries and other state and federal agencies.   Maps have been reproduced from authentic documents on file.   Great care has been exercised to accurately transfer all information from authentic documents to the featured maps in this collection using a numbered guide, printed in red, showing the many deposits of gold and gems on a U.S.G.S. map. The reader should be reminded that maps have been used in some cases as an information source.  Remember, the older the document, the less accurate the information may be.  Inasmuch as this is an endeavor to display mining activity locations for a century, old documents had to be utilized.

All of the western state gold and gems map packages contain maps with the same format displaying the locations for silver, gold and gem deposits.  With the current increased price of gold, renewed interest in mining gold is evident by the mining industry as well as the weekend prospector. Research by the beginner is advisable regarding state and federal mining laws, required permits (if necessary), procedures and proper equipment.

All maps in this series are in packages measuring 6.5″ x 9.5″. The very readable maps measure 17.5 x 23 when unfolded and should prove valuable as field guides for all enthusiasts of early mining activities, rockhounds, history buffs or amateur treasure hunters!

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  • Gold & Gems Maps Then & Now
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    • R.N. Preston
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