SALE Original Move/TV Studio Audiodiscs Recording "Hot Darn" (468MOM-C)

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Original Move/TV Studio Audiodiscs Harmony Recorders Recording "Hot Darn"

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNEDOnce they are gone we may not get any more. Sold AS IS (NON-REFUNDABLE).

You will not find this anywhere else.  For those lovers of original music.  Original  Master Recording on 45 record of "Hot Darn"-- This recording originally belonged to Tony Colti's collection.  My Uncle before he passed swore to it's authenticity.  He also acquired from Mr. Colti's collection many of his original acting scripts.  This record is in it's original sleeve from Audio Devices, Inc., 444 Madison Avenue, New York 22, N.Y.  It is a single sided Record by Harmony Recorders, 6263 Leland Way, Hollywood 28, California/ HO 3-2347.   It has been stored in a cedar chest for many years.  It is being sold as is.

Great piece of history for anyone's collection.  Tony Colti played in many different TV shows (example: Bonanza) and a few movies.  He was often a named actor.  His brother was a recording artist for many of the shows.

Features of the Recording:

  • Condition:  Excellent - some repairable minor scratches.  The cover sleeve has some doodles and notes written on it.
  • Size: 7 15/16" D
  • Label on record says: "Harmony Recorders, 6263 Leland Way, Hollywood 28, California/ HO 3-2347" with "Hot Darn" handwritten

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