Patch - USN/USAF/USMC Squadrons - Sew On (7772)

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Patch - USN/USAF/USMC Squadrons - Sew On

(7772MOM-C)(RM1 #43)

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNED. Once they are gone, we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

Sew-On Embroidered Emblems. Machine washable and can be put on most fabrics. U.S. Military Squadrons Patches are in fantastic shape for anyone's collection. These patches were purchased by a customer from many different retailers. He put this collection together out of love and has now found that he must sell the vast majority of his collection.

Features of the Patches:

  • Condition - Previously Onwed from a wonderful customer that has been a collector of patches for over 50 years - he has kept his collection in perfect shape
  • Patch:
    • USAF 50th Missile Maintenance Squadron (3”x4”)
    • USAF 428th T.F.S. Buccaneers (2.75”x4”)
    • USAF 428th T.F.S. Buccaneers (Purple/Black) (3”x4.25”)
    • USN Vietnam Atkron 147 (Argonauts) Squadron (3.25”x4.25”)
    • USAF 417th Tactical Fighter Squadron (4.5”x3.5”)
    • USN Fighter Squadron 1 (VF-1) (3.5”)
    • USN Grim Reapers VF-101 Squadron (4"x4.5")
    • USN Grim Reapers VF-101 Squadron Plane Captain (3.75"x4.25")
    • USMC Air Wing Training Unit 3 (3.5”x4”)
    • USAF 75th Tactical Fighter Squadron (4”)
    • USAF 48th Fighter Wing Team Liberty (F-15E) (4")
    • USN Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron 10 (4”)
    • USMC MAWTS-1 Aviation Warfare Squadron (4”x4.25”)
    • USN Carrier Air Group 2 Aircraft Ship (4”x3.5”)
    • USAF 552nd Fighter Squadron The Fireball F16 Falcon (4”)
    • USN VF-194 Red Lightnings Squadron (3.75”x4”)
    • USAF  60th TFS Fighting Crows (3.5”x4.25”)
    • USAF 74th Tactical Fighter Squadron FLYING TIGERS (3”x4”)
    • USAF 7th Tactical Fighter Squadron (3”x4”)
    • USN Destroyer Squadron 21 Rampant Lions (3.5”x4.5”)
    • USAF 561st Tactical Fighter Squadron (3.25"x4.25")
    • USN VF-43 43 FitRon (3”x4.5”)
    • USN Strike Fighter Squadron 34, VFA-34 Blue Blasters (3.25”x4.5”)
    • USN Fighter Squadron 51 Screaming Eagles (5”)
    • USN VAW-116 Squadron Sic Em Baby Hawkeye (4”x4.5”)
    • VF-126 Pacific Adversary Squadron (4.5”x4.75”)
    • USN VS-33 Screwbirds S-3 Viking Squadron (5”x4.5”)
    • USN VFC-13 Plane Captain (3.5")
    • USN Fighter Attack Squadron Patch VMFA-531 Grey Ghosts Decommissioned (1992)(3”)
    • USMC VMFA-134 Smoke (Deactivated 2007) (3.5”)
    • USN Squadron Helmineron Twelve HM-12 Sea Dragons (Vietnam Era) (3.5”)
    • USMC Macs-5 Squadron (4.5”x4.25”)
    • USN HC-11 Helicopter Combat Support Gun Bearers Squadron (4”)
    • USMC Marine Observation Squadron-2 (4”)
    • USN VAQ-137 (4.5”x4.25”)
Note If you wish to purchase multiple patches, please email us for a discounted price reflective of how many of the patches you wish to purchase.

    LIMITED ITEM: Limited Availability. ONCE THEY ARE GONE WE WILL NOT GET ANY MORE.  Usually available for pickup in our store in Las Vegas, or would ship ASAP. The purchaser is responsible for conforming to all applicable Country, State and Local laws.  All items with a combined total of $100.00 or any collectable items (one of a kind) will be shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED.  

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