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USN Military Patches - Sew On

(7733MOM-C)(UPS)(Blue Open Bin 7733MOM-C)

LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNED Mostly NEW-OLD-STOCK. Once they are gone, we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

Sew-On Embroidered Emblems. Machine washable and can be put on most fabrics.  Fantastic patches for anyone's collection.  These patches were purchased by a customer from many different retailers.  He put this collection together out of love and has now found that he must sell the vast majority of his collection.

Features of the Patches:

  • Condition - Mostly New-Old-Stock from a wonderful customer that has been a collector of patches for over 50 years - he has kept his collection in perfect shape
  • Various sizes & colors
  • Patches:
    • USN Naval Air Station Home Pacific Fleet Fighters (4.5")
    • USN Corsair II Airplane (3.25"x4.25")
    • USN Corsair II Airplane #2 (Slightly Different from the 1st one) (3.5"x4.5")
    • USN Command Carrier Division Four (3.75")
    • USN S-3 Viking Maintenance (4.5")
    • USN USS Nimitz CV-68 Communications Dept. (5")
    • USN USS Ranger Spirit Surge 1987 Team Spirit (4")
    • USN VA 115 Eagles Living The Adventure (4.5"x3.75")
    • USN West Pac 1982 USS Ranger CV-61 Indian Ocean Centurion (5"x3.5")
    • USN Westpac Commander Fleet Air (5"x4.75")
    • USN 415 Squadron (3")
    • USN VFA-113 Stingers  (3.5"x4")
    • USN STRKFITRON-305 (3.5"x4")
    • USN TRARON-10 (4"x4.25")
    • USN USS Rentz FFG 46 (3"x4")
    • USN VA-42 Plane Captain (4.75"x3.25")
    • USN VRC-40 COD (3.75"x4")
    • USN Carrier Air Wing TWO CVW-2 Early Version (4")
    • USN VR-22 Short Haul Immediate Transport We Make Shit Happen (4")
    • USN United States Ship America (4")
    • USN USS Nimitz Med Cruise Yacht Club Eastmed MODLOC 1982-83 (3.5")
    • USN Helsuppron One (3.75"x4")
    • USN LPH-2 Squadron Nostalgia LLC USS Iwo Jima (4")
    • USN USS Ranger CV-61 Engineering Dept. Pride of  the Fleet (4.5")
    • USN VA-22  (4"x5.75")
    • USN 45th Fleet Adversary 4 and 20 (4"x5.75")
    • USN VAW-115  (4")
    • USN Helantisubron Ten (4")
    • USN Firehawks HCS-5 (3.75"x4")
    • USN CVW 15 Westoac '90 USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 (4.25"x4.5")
    • USN USS Ranger 1000 Miles (4"x5.5")
    • USN Naval Air Force Atlantic Fleet Commander USS Saratoga CV-60 1986 (5"x5.25")
    • USN Tailhook '91 "I Wasn't There" (4"x5")
    • USN FLECOMPRON Eight (3.5"x4")
    • USN Tailhook Association Carrier (3.5")
    • USN Checkmates VS-22 (3.25"x4")
    • USN Naval Air Test Center Strike Aircraft Test (4"x4.75")
    • USN VA-34 The Skyhawk Assoc. (3"x4.5")
    • USN 1955-1999 44-Years On Ice Ice Pirates (4"x2.5")
    • USN Privateers VFA-132 (4"x4.5")
    • USN VC-1 FLECOMPRON One (4.5")
    • USN Carrier Wing 1 "Primus et Principles" (4"x4.25")
    • USN Patron Five Mad Foxes VP-5 Maritime Patrol Squadron (4"x5")
    • USN VS-33 Squadron "VS Fortes Fortuna Juvat 33" (4"x2")
    • USN FELCOMPRON Six (3.5"x4")
    • USN Golden Eagles Patron Nine (3.5"x4")
    • USN VC-5 Checkertails (4")
    • USN FLECOMPRON 5 Checkertails (VC-5) (4")
    • Dept. of the Navy Research Engineering Station Newport RI (Underwater Weapons) (4"x4.75")
    • USN F/A 18 "Now Baby" (3.5" x4")

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