SALE Rare WW2 Alcoso German Army Officer Dagger - Scabbard & Hanger

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Rare Vintage WW2 German Army Officer Dagger - Scabbard & Hanger


LIMITED ITEM. SURPLUS - PREVIOUSLY OWNED.  Once they are gone, we may not get any more. Sold As Is - NON-REFUNDABLE.

This WW2 German Army Officer's Dagger. Dagger has a pumpkin colored trylon grip in fantastic shape. It is chip-free.  A fantastic example with a good portepee. which has no scrapes or cracks. The dagger was manufactured by Alcoso. The blade is in fantastic shape with a beautiful appearance, but there are a few very small discolorations but it has no nicks to the edges. The fittings on this dagger are have a heavy patina and reflect a totally untouched piece. This is referred to as a “high lift” example by Alcoso. The back of the blade has the post 1941 Alcoso trademark. The tombac based, silver plated Alcoso eagle crossguard provides nice detail throughout the eagle’s head, wings, wreath and chest. It shows minor plating loss to the high areas.  The Alcoso pommel and ferrule are also beautifully detailed with proud oak leaves and acorns that are easily visible through the back burnishing.  The brass based, silver plated scabbard has no dents and has a very heavy patina with wonderful detail - random pebbling throughout and hand enhanced oak leaf and acorn bands!  As with most of these early soft brass scabbards this is very heavy. The manufacturer symbol is ALCOSO .

The fantastic set of Luftwaffe Officer (potentially -General’s) dagger hangers. The deluxe fittings feature very intricately detailed ornamentation with oak leaves. The fittings on these Luftwaffe dagger hangers are made of zinc, and where the gold finish has faded or worn away, the gray color of the base metal is apparent. All of the hooks, clips and fasteners are intact and functional. The rayon and aluminum wire braid and velvet backing show no damage but does show wear. Both scabbard clips as well as the hanger hook are marked “D.R.G.M.”. Overall, a beautiful example and very desirable A hard-to-find accoutrement for completing a dagger.

Features of the Sword:

  • Condition: Excellent (beautiful patina)
  • All-original
  • Name engraved: None
  • Length of blade is 10"
  • Total length with scabbard: 15.5"
  • Manufacturer: Alcoso

NOTE: The picture because it was taken outside in the early sunlight, the silver looks a little blue.  These pictures don't do the item justice.  It is a beautiful sword.

NOTE: Over the years we have collected items with historical interest.  The majority of our memorabilia is war related and we do not wish to offend anyone.  We do not support or condone war but believe that historical items can remind us of our history, teach us about specific moments in time and hopefully prevent us from reliving any manmade horrific times in history.  Any items we offer are intended for collectors of memorabilia and hopefully will be used for educational purposes.    All of our collectables come from our own private collection via many X-service personnel and government auctions and have included Nazi party, Holocaust, Allgemeine and Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Kamikaze, Japanese, Australian, U.S., British items, etc.  We should not forget our past but should endeavor to learn from its mistakes. It is our hope we never forget those that have died as a result of war.  May god protect them!

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