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Vintage Royal Canadian Air Force Bagotville Insignia


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This insignia was part of items sold to us from Sergeant SAUVE, Course 168 "B" estate items from the WWI period through to 1959.  Not sure the date of this pin - can't find anything quite like it in the internet but did find information on Bagotville:

The Bagotville Station was built in July 1942 to provide a training base for pilots and protect the Alcan and hydro-electric facilities in the area during World War II, hence its motto "Defend the Saguenay".

Closed at the end of the war, the station was re-opened in 1951 as a training base for the squadrons serving with the Canadian Division in Europe and to support the air defence operations of the newly formed Canadian and American forces that would become NORAD in 1958.

Following implementation of the Wing concept in the Air Force, 3 Wing, which in succession served Canada at Zweibrücken from 1952 to 1968 and at Lahr from 1988 to 1992, was reconstituted at Bagotville on 1 April 1993.

1942: The first operational training Unit, initially named Bagotville Station, was built in 1942 in order to provide a training base for pilots of the RCAF during World War II. On top of pilot training, Bagotville Station had the mission to protect the Alcan and hydroelectric facilities in the area, hence its motto "Defend the Saguenay". When the war ended, Bagotville Station was officially closed and reopened on 1 July 1951 for the squadrons serving with the Canadian Division in Europe. Then, 413 and 414 Squadron were deployed in Europe on 7 March 1953. Subsequently, Bagotville was quiet up to 1954, to then became a permanent base for the CF-100 Canuck "all-weather" fighter of 432 and 440 Squadrons.

1957: At that time, Bagotville was already an important link in the chain for the North American Air Defence, named NORAD in 1958. In 1957, 440 Squadron was posted to Grostenquin in France and replaced by 413 Squadron, which had been repatriated to Canada with its CF-100s. In 1961, both squadrons assigned to Bagotville were disbanded and the base was reassigned to its first primary mission, which was operational training, in addition to playing an air defence role with the creation of No.3 All-Weather Fighter Operational Training Unit.

Excellent choice for any collector..

Features of the Cap Badge:

    • Condition: Excellent Shape
    • Material: Brass
    • Insignia design: Eagle with broom, hat and some type of shield

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