SALE WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet w/ Metal Scabbard

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WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet

(7634MOM-C)(UPS)(BLUE BIN #2)

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Wikapedia: "Type 30 bayonet (三十年式銃剣, sanjūnen-shiki jūken) was a bayonet designed for the Imperial Japanese Army to be used with the Arisaka Type 30 Rifle. Some 8.4 million were produced, and it remained in front-line use from the Russo-Japanese War to the end of World War II. The Type 30 Bayonet was a single-edged sword bayonet with a15.75" blade and an overall length of 20.24"  with a weight of approximately 700 grams. The Type 30 bayonet is also known as the "Pattern 1897 bayonet". Early Type 30 bayonets usually sported a J-shaped hooked quillon guard designed to catch and trap the enemy's blade. Type 30 scabbards went from metal (pre-1942) to vulcanized fiber (1942-43), and finally to wood or bamboo (1944-45)."

Features of the Bayonet:

  • Condition: Fantastic for its age  does have dings and rust
  • Scabbard is medal (currently has paracord attached)
  • Stamped on top of blade (ricasso) looks something like this: 
  • Stamped on top of hilt: to the best of my abilities to see -109B103
  • Blade length apx: a little more than 15.5"
  • Scabbard length apx.: 16+"
  • Overall length apx.: 21"

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